Tax Havens

Series of 6 op-eds regarding Tax Avoidance and Tax Havens. The serie of articles will cover various topics such as KPMG, the "Panama Papers", and the implementation of policies that will reduce tax avoidance. 


September 21
Canada Has A Two-Tier Tax System And CRA Is Part Of The Problem

In regards to tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) should be part of the solution. At the moment, it rather seems to be part of the problem.

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September 8
From Liechtenstein To Panama: The Era Of The Leak

Last April, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists revealed the "Panama Papers" scandal, a database of 11.5 million documents leaked from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca.

The leak permits to identify more than 200,000 offshore entities, from over 200 countries, including Canada. Many Canadians were among the names found in the leaked papers, including the Royal Bank of Canada, which has referred over 370 clients to the Panamanian law firm.

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September 2
Tax Agreements: From Double Taxation To Double Evasion

The issue of tax havens is inherently international in scope. As a result, the government can use tax agreements to fight tax avoidance schemes.

Unfortunately, tax agreements haven't been used for that purpose. On the contrary, they have facilitated the outflow of Canadian money to offshore financial centres, and have done very little to break the damaging secrecy laws of these countries.

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August 25th
Tax Evasion will Persist Until Parliament Hill Steps Up

It seems like every year a new tax haven scheme is revealed, provoking the ire of Canadians... only to fade from the news a few months later.

In 2008, tax evasion schemes involving the Swiss bank UBS and the Liechtenstein's LGT bank were revealed, and quickly relegated to the back pages. It was followed by more leaks, the last in date, involving the KPMG scheme at the Isle of Man and the Panama Papers.

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August 17, 2016
Politicians Have No More Excuses For Perpetuating Tax Avoidance

Nobody likes to pay taxes. It is often said that it is the price to pay for civilization. After all, they help pay for our schools, our roads, our health-care system and a social safety net that helps decrease income inequality. However, the pill is easier to swallow when everyone pays their fair share.

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