The 2018 holiday season has seen an historic moment: Centre Block closed its doors for at least ten years. This temporary closure marks the end of a century old political history punctuated by ideas, bills and parliamentary debates. Democracy has now moved in a new space, but our task remains unchanged. In the new home of Canadian democracy, parliamentarian debates and ideas are just starting.

      In 2019, one of our most important battle will be to protect our dairy farmers: it should be a national priority. Many feel betrayed by the Liberals following the renegotiation of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement. This agreement will have important consequences on the agricultural industry and our regional economy. I will continue to work to defend the local dairy industry, focusing on three main issues: labelling, production standards and compensation programs.

We need a better labelling system for Canadian milk and dairy products. It is essential to maintain pressure on the government to ensure that Canadians know where the products come from. I also believe that there is a need for uniformized production standards for Canadian and imported products, there is no reason we should accept a lesser quality from food coming from other countries. Thirdly, defending producers is also about creating a fair and comprehensive compensation program. Since our farmers are already paying the full cost for the free trade agreement, helping them through this difficult transition is essential.

      The second issue I will be addressing in the coming months is employment insurance.  The government must stop imposing its approach to employment insurance and finally listen to the needs of Canadians on the ground. Anyone suffering from illness now receives 15 weeks of health insurance benefits. On average, the recovery from a serious illness requires a full year of care.  In addition to guaranteeing only 55% of salary, during this period, these 15-week benefits suddenly cease even though the illness may continue. Sick people should only think of one thing: to get well. That's why we decided to have a public health insurance system. It is time for social security coverage in the event of serious illness to offer realistic benefits in line with the reality experienced by beneficiaries.

      It is vital that 2019 be the year of transformation in our energy practices. Global warming is not waiting, and our planet is running out of time. There is an urgent need for action and I will continue to pressure the government to start a real green transition. It is urgent to change our habits and move away from fossil energies. France and Great Britain will stop selling gasoline-powered cars in 2040. By 2025, Norway will have implemented this policy as well. We must stop funding the fossil fuel industry to invest in green energy and create programs that will ensure that energy workers do not suffer from negative impacts related to this shift. Canada is already the second largest producer of hydroelectricity in the world, it is time to become a renewable energy leader.

      Access to telecommunications is a fundamental for many Canadians. To this day, 8 municipalities in my riding do not have access to the cellular network. This inequality is not only impacting the development of our companies, it is also damaging to the people in my riding. I will not only ensure that their voices are heard in Ottawa, but I will also be an active part in the implementation of solutions. The thriving of my region and the safety of its citizens are at stake.

Be assured that the battle is not over and that I will continue to fight to represent you and to ensure that your opinions are heard and respected.