The IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - report shows that liberal’s targets of greenhouse gas reduction are terribly inadequate and that we are not even on the way to reach them.

Following the IPCC report, Guy Caron questioned the Liberal government twice on October 15th. Then he wrote a letter to the president of the Chamber to ask for an emergency debate on global warming which took place during the evening, allowing Guy Caron and his fellow neo-democratic colleagues to confront the realities of climatic crisis with the weakness of the liberal government commitments.

“Climate change is the most important threat which the world has to face. It is necessary to handle climate change, insisted Guy Caron in Chamber. We have to work together and find manners to announce to prevent catastrophic climate change and limit the repercussions of the changes which already are in progress”.

During the last two centuries the averages temperature on earth have already soared about 1°C. Before 2030, they should again increase of at least 0, 5°C because of the pursuit of our massive emissions of greenhouse gas. The consequences of a global warming of 1°C are very real, and there is a bunch of evidence:  the increase of the “natural” disasters, the rise of sea level or the melting of ice caps.

If the successive summits on climate often limited their objectives to a 2°C increase, the IPCC report shows that it is absolutely necessary to limit the reheating at 1, 5°C to reduce the risks for human societies and the whole ecosystem.

“The planet do not can until we have made our minds, explains Guy Caron. It is necessary to stop with the half-measures such as those proposed by the government. What is the utility the government’s plan if their ambitions are insufficient?”

Guy Caron and his neo-democratic colleagues will continue to speak out against liberals’ blindness on this issue.