I am back in Ottawa and I have many priorities for this parliamentary session. Here some of the major files that will be discussed throughout the next months, at the local and federal level. 


The renegotiation of NAFTA is threatening supply management which is absolutely necessary for our farmers and our local agriculture. This system was set up forty years ago and has allowed us to support numerous human-sized exploitations. Trudeau has said that his government was going to protect supply management but at the same time, he’s also talking about “necessary concessions” within the framework of commercial agreement. I’ll make sure that supply management is kept entirely and not slowly dismantled by the liberal government. 


I’m going to put pressure on the liberal government concerning the telecommunication file. For decades and even more nowadays, telephone network has become essential. This file has been bundled with high-speed internet for too long, while it’s two different issues.  Canada needs to improve its cell coverage for the well-being and the safety of its citizens and for the dynamism of our region.


This file will be front and center for upcoming months. On August 30th, the Federal Court of Appeal suspended the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project. As a reminder, the liberal government purchased this pipeline last spring for 4.5 billion of dollars with the objective to achieve its expansion. But authorities didn’t correctly estimate its environmental impact and we are losing both time and money investing in outdated pollutant sources of energy. It’s time for us to be courageous and invest in green solutions that will be beneficial for the world and the Canadian future. We must be the leading country in sustainable development and ecological transition.


I spent this summer in my riding and I’ve heard your interrogations, difficulties and recommendations. I’ve had the opportunity to discuss the future of supply management. Many of you told me about the necessary revitalization of our region, which notably requires valorization of local employment and development of the telephonic coverage. I also heard your concerns about employment insurance. Your preoccupations are mine and I’ll make sure to be your voice in the House of Commons.

The NPD is fighting to make sure that all the Canadians have access to employment insurance when needed. Currently, only four out of ten unemployed workers are covered by employment insurance. I will continue to put pressure on liberals to correct this injustice as quickly as possible.

I am happy to return to the House of Commons with these priorities. I am determined to represent you, so I invite you to contact my team. Your vision is essential to my daily work. My neo-democrat colleagues and I are working to represent your interest on the Hill.